Your excellencies, 
PULO and I would like to express our deep concern for a forgotten issue and a forgotten part of the world. A  beautiful region located between Thailand and Malaysia with greenery, fertility, rivers, waterfalls. 
Inhabited by a people with high moral decency but oppressed and denied their rights. The people of Patani have become victims of colonisation in their own land.
Patani was sovereign in the past but through the Anglo- Siamese Treaty (10 March 1909) between the governments of Thailand and Great Britain, its sovereignty fell to the control of the Thai regime.
Over the last two decades, a series of peace negotiations between the Patani liberation movement and the Thai government have failed due to the lack of any serious commitment for a resolution. 
For far too long has the politics of the ‘negotiating table’ obstructed recourse to justice for Patani victims and created a climate of impunity for Thailand’s grave violations of international law. Countless attempts to revive the peace process have been unsuccessful and negotiations have, in fact, been manipulated to perpetuate a state of affairs that violates the very foundations of international law. It is time to unequivocally ensure that peace talks are based on international law, which is the only framework for a just and enduring resolution to the conflict. Therefore we, the PULO (Patani United Liberation Organisation) hope your excellencies in the UN, EU or OIC can assist in our pursuit of a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to this conflict.
We call upon the UN, OIC and the EU, 
– to immediately stop the implementation of martial law and special law in the Patani. 
-apply the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples
Adopted by the UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV), 14 December 1960
Sincerely yours
Kasturi Mahkota
PULO’s president